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Holiday Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray | Home for the Holidays | Bowl + Air Freshener | Christmas

Holiday Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray | Home for the Holidays | Bowl + Air Freshener | Christmas

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Introducing Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray, Making Holidays Happier, One Bathroom at a Time! Are your holiday gatherings filled with laughter and joy, but also those awkward bathroom moments? Fear not! The Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray is here to save the day, turning your bathroom into a fragrant wonderland.

With the Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray, your holidays will be filled with laughter, warmth, and bathroom visits that are anything but embarrassing. Make your bathroom the hero it deserves to be this holiday season!

Home for the Holidays: A comforting blend of cranberry, oakwood, citrus, apple, cinnamon, vanilla, clove, and pine

Available Sizes: Refer to the image for volume information. Pick the perfect size to suit your bathroom needs!

Directions for a Bathroom Miracle: Transform your bathroom into a fragrant paradise with just a few spritzes! Give the bottle a good shake to awaken its magic. Spritz 4-5 times into the bowl to create a fragrant force field. Then, go about your business like a bathroom boss. When it's time to flush, let our spray work its enchantment. Feeling extra cautious? Add a couple more sprays after the flush for extra reassurance. No odorous surprises here!

Safety Precautions: Use this product strictly according to the provided instructions. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid ingestion or direct skin contact. In case of accidental spray in the air, be cautious, as it may create slippery surfaces.

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